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Photographic Artist

For over 65 years, Mr. Hertzson has studied and subsequently taught and mentored in the techniques of achieving the exceptional photographic image.  After receiving his first plastic Kodak Brownie in 1943, he was entranced with the "magic" of the photographic process.  In high school in the Bronx and later at New York University, he was selected as the school photographer.  This was a major benefit since it gave him full time use of a professional darkroom.  At age 16 he won his first Kodak award for a fine art print.

Mr. Hertzson has been president of five camera clubs in New York and Connecticut and is the recent past president of the Photographic Federation of Long Island (a group with over 800 members).  All though his 30 year business career as founder and CEO of two engineering firms capitalized heavily on his time,  he has consistently built an image bank that has been the source for his exhibition prints. Since his retirement in 1992,  he has had numerous one man shows on Long Island. 

 To further pursue his interests in photography, he has found time to lecture in many areas of the field and also judge numerous competitions.  Until 2001, all photo work (color and B & W) has been done using conventional film/wet chemistry techniques.  Since then he has converted exclusively to digital methods to capture, manipulate and print images.  His main goal after taking an acceptable final digital image is to print and exhibit these in new portfolios.  Already, a file of over 60,000 images is being reviewed with conversion of the best images to the archival digital print or projected show format.

Lecture topics:

1- PHOTOGRAPHING CHILDREN Parents and grandparents love to capture and collect good images of their kids.  The first part of the talk will cover the best techniques to use with "point and shoot" cameras as well as with more sophisticated camera equipment.  A number of images will be digitally projected.  Also 
included will be a video presentation on a live session in the home using a simple studio type setup to photograph an active and imaginative two year old. 
We all marvel at the pictures we see about travel sites, nature and landscape images and people shots.
This part of the talk will concentrate on the basic elements that you can easily use to better see and how to capture the exceptional image.  A digital show of this photographers work will follow.  Time remaining will be devoted to a question and answer period.
3- SUCCESS IN DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY The how-to of starting and achieving great results using the digital camera and the wonders of Photoshop CS-3 and Elements.
4- TECHNIQUES TO INEXPENSIVELY ACHIEVE GREAT LIGHTING  EFFECTS (a digital live demo). A model is chosen and portraits are immediately digitally projected.  
5- COMPOSITION ELEMENTS IN EXHIBITION IMAGES In every facet of creating fine images, the basics of composition play a major role.
This talk and visual presentation will review another aspect of PJ and Street Shooting. 

It is a "how-to see, respond to and capture exceptional images".     

Artists Statement: Photography as the universal language.........it reaches out to viewers and may evoke an emotional response,  the images can teach and enlighten and at times open a window of discovery..  In the course of capturing an image on film, I have concentrated on selecting the moment when the subject appears most interesting.  Also, I attempt to create an ideal compositional format in conjunction with broad tonal range (in black and white photos) and color harmony and balance in chromomeric prints.  For me,  photographing people in their natural environment is an ongoing challenge where I employ a variety of photo-journalistic techniques. 

 Photo Exhibit: The Fine Art of Child Photography by Leon Hertzson

Leon Hertzson has been continuously refining his skills for over 60 years and his photographs have won awards and been shown in numerous exhibits. His message is "allow children to relax, enjoy themselves and ignore the ever present camera. if you capture the exuberance, pleasure, thoughtfulness, daydreaming or any part of a child's exposure to the world around him or her, you will have an image that will be meaningful for generations to come."

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